Benzo-T Acne Gel Tea Tree Oil and Willow Bark

Benzo-T Acne Gel Tea Tree Oil and Willow Bark by Matthews Mortar


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Product Description

Acne Treatment with Tea Tree Oil and Willow Bark!

What is Benzo T?

Benzo T is an innovative acne treatment created by pharmacist Greg Matthews. You can read more about Greg on our Supplement Spot Advisory Board page. Greg created Benzo T with specific customers in mind. It worked so well, we decided to introduce it to the world.

Why Benzo T?

There are two ingredients working synergistically in Benzo T that makes it stand out from the others and that’s Willow bark along with Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil is a well know antiseptic which was discovered by Captain Cook in the south Pacific in 1850. It was used during WWII as a topical antibiotic. Slowly but surely studies are starting to discover Tea Tree Oil as a penetration enhancer. Willow bark is used to reduce inflammation associated with acne.  It is used by most major brands. Putting Willow Bark and Tea Tree Oil together has become a match made in heaven for Acne sufferers.*

 Here are some testimonials given to us from Greg Matthews

  • “I suffered with acne as an adult and tried every product on the market – prescribed and over the counter. Nothing worked until I finally came across Benzo T. It cleared my face within two weeks. I have never been told I have a nice complexion until now. Thank you Benzo!” Patricia Garrett
  • ”Benzo T is by far the best acne treatment I’ve ever tried. I saw the results sooner than I expected too. It’s a big relief knowing I have a tube of Benzo around.” J Marentez
  • “The Benzo T resolved very well acne problem on my granddaughter and bought two more units. I ask only that fall outside the errors of that message was only possible because arrange with the help of Google Translator.” wlademiro t. naschpitz
  • “Benzo is great. My 17yr daughter used Benzo and her face cleared up right away.I also recommended Benzo to my niece. She had alot of little bumps on her forehead. She used to be shy about anyone looking at her face.” anna navarrette

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