Lifetree Laundry Liquid Original Premium 1 Gallon

Lifetree Laundry Liquid Original Premium 1 Gallon



  •  100% natural made from vegetable & pure essential oils
  •  Fresh clean essential oil blend scent
  •  Gentle on the planet
  •  Use only 1/8th cup per load
  •  Our house is a very, very, very green house

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Product Description

Here is a wonderful way to keep your clothes and your planet looking good. LifeTree uses only safe and biodegradable ingredients that break down quickly for a healthy ecosystem.  Keeps white and colors bright and sweet-smelling. Concentrated, low sudsing formula is perfect for both front and top loading machines.

Environmentally Safe:  All Life Tree products are formulated to biodegrade quickly and completely.  Contains no phosphates, chlorine, dyes or other environmentally harmful ingredients.  Safe for use in septic systems.

Super Concentrated/Use Less:  Many laundry  products require 4 fluid ounces per wash.  Life Tree Premium Laundry Liquid is super concentrated and requires as little as 1/2 fluid ounce.  You use less packaging, carry less weight and save on cost per use!


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