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Beta Carotene (25,000 IU) Vitamin A Supplement by Vitabase

  • Promotes vision and eye health.
  • Contains 25,000 IU of vitamin A (as beta carotene) per softgel.
  • Benefits the heart and other organs.
  • Helps maintain the skin and hair.
  • Supports immune function.
  • Valuable antioxidant.
  • Non-toxic form of vitamin A easily converted by the body as needed.

Bovine Collagen (750 mg) Supplement for Hair, Skin & Nails by Vitabase

  • Can help reduce joint pain and increase mobility.
  • Can improve brittle hair and skin wrinkles.
  • Provides amino acids that can be converted to energy.
  • Hydrolyzed for better absorption.

Gray Hair Formula Healthy Hair Supplement by Vitabase

  • Contains catalase enzymes which have been linked to gray hair absence.
  • Combined with many ingredients that support healthier and thicker hair.

Great Hair – Hair Growth Support Vitamin Supplement by Vitabase

  • Contains saw palmetto and a wide variety of other nutrients.
  • Contains necessary vitamins and minerals for improved scalp and hair health.
  • Provides nutrients that help prevent hair loss.
  • Amino acid cysteine improves quality, texture and growth of hair.
  • Supports healthy hair growth.
  • Great for men concerned about receding hairlines.

Hair Loss Support Liquid Vitamin Supplement by Vitabase

  • Addresses underlying nutrient difficiencies that cause hair loss.
  • Includes biotin and inositol, two often overlooked vitamins that are key to healthy hair.
  • Liquid formulation contributes to superior absorption.
  • Saw palmetto helps reduce build up of DHT in the body.
  • Proprietary blend of natural herbs and supplements.
  • Important antioxidants that scavenge free radicals which may damage hair.

Hair, Skin & Nails Liquid Vitamin Nutritional Supplement by Vitabase

  • Essential Fatty Acids blend protects against scaly skin, cracked fingernails and dry hair.
  • Proprietary blend of MSM, kelp, collagen, borage oil and more.
  • Helps soften, renew and strengthen the skin.
  • Addresses the internal nutritional support needs for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamin Supplement Formula by Vitabase

  • Contains vitamins, minerals and herbs beneficial for healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • Complete multivitamin and mineral – no need to take multiple products!

Purvana Hair, Skin and Nails 2500 mcg of Biotin


Beauty starts from within

  • 2500 mcg High Potency Biotin
  • Fast Release Softgels
  • Thicker, Fuller Hair
  • Healthier Skin
  • Stronger Nails

Purvana MAX (5000 mcg of Biotin) Hair Skin and Nails Formula


Beauty starts from within

  • 5000 mcg High Potency Biotin
  • Fast Release Softgels
  • Thicker, Fuller Hair
  • Healthier Skin
  • Stronger Nails