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Acid Comfort Natural Heartburn Relief Lozenges by Vitabase

  • Helps relieve excess acid that is a culprit in heartburn and acid indigestion.
  • All-natural acid neutralizer.
  • Pleasant tasting lozenge that dissolves in the mouth.
  • Innovative buffering blend.

Bromelain (400 mg) Proteolytic Enzyme Supplement by Vitabase

  • Powerful food enzyme and digestive aid that is made from pineapple.
  • Breaks down protein in foods.
  • 400 mg of high quality bromelain per capsule.

Papaya Chewable (15 mg) Fruit Supplement by Vitabase

  • Digestive aid taken frequently by people with indigestion, heartburn and gas.
  • Contains the enzymes papain and amylase which help digest meat and starches.
  • Vegetarian formula.
  • Chewable tablets taste great.

SuperZymes Digestive Enzyme Support Supplement by Vitabase

  • Contains the three main enzymes needed for effective digestive action.
  • Includes two plant-based proteolytic enzymes – Bromelain (pineapple) and Papain (papaya) – for battling indigestion.
  • Supports a healthy digestive system.
  • Enzymatic action for the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Systemic Enzyme Blend Digestion Support Supplement by Vitabase

  • Supplements enzymes from the pancreas where¬†production¬†declines with age.
  • Helps digest protein.
  • Enteric coating protects enzymes from harsh stomach acids.
  • May benefit athletes by speeding recovery from injury and exercise.

Ultra Dairy Support Supplement for Lactose and Dairy Intolerance by Vitabase

  • Each vegetarian capsule helps the body process an equivalent of eight ounces of whole milk.
  • Designed especially for people who struggle with digesting dairy products.
  • Consists of a two-step process: enzymes in the stomach and dairy-metabolizing Lactobacilli in the intestines.
  • Contains the enzymes needed to break down major dairy proteins and fats.

Ultra Veggie Enzymes Vegetable Based Digestive Aid Supplement by Vitabase

  • Supports proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Manufactured by National Enzyme Company, the industry leader in enzyme technology.
  • Each capsule contains 275 mg of our plant enzyme blend.
  • A vegetarian enzyme solution derived from plants.
  • Contains major enzymes needed to break down fats, starches and proteins.
  • Includes bromelain and papain which break down meat fibers and aid in relief of indigestion.