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Aller-7 Support Allergy Relief Supplement by Vitabase

  • In addition to Aller-7™, it contains quercetin, stinging nettles, MSM, berry extracts and more.
  • Aller-7™ is safe, non-toxic, well-tolerated and will not cause side effects such as nervousness, headache, fatigue, drowsiness and bleeding which are common with many medications.
  • Aller-7™ is backed by ten years of research and is clinical proven to be effective.
  • Helps provide seasonal allergy relief.
  • Supports healthy respiratory and immune systems by promoting clear airway passages, stabilizing mast cells and neutralizing free radicals.

Bee Propolis Supplement (500 mg) by Vitabase

  • Full of powerful antioxidants.
  • Contains all vitamins except Vitamin K.
  • Loaded with flavonoids.

Beta Glucan Supplement (100 mg) by Vitabase

  • Supports immune system function.
  • Vegetarian/vegan formula.
  • May reduce healing time from infections.

Candida Clear Natural Yeast Infection Treatment by Vitabase

  • Complete formula designed to balance the colonization of Candida.
  • Contains the traditional herbs used for Candida including caprylic acid, pau d’Arco, oregano oil, and biotin.
  • Supports the immune system and intestinal track.

Chlorella Supplement (1000 mg) by Vitabase

  • Contains the highest levels of chlorophyll of any plant.
  • High in protein, beta carotene, vitamin B12, and 19 amino acids.
  • High levels of RNA and DNA.
  • May help boost immune system function.


Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex Supplement by Vitabase

  • Enhances the action of vitamin C.
  • Includes rutin and hesperidin.
  • Works as an antioxidant scavenging free radicals.

Echinacea / Goldenseal Herb Supplement by Vitabase

  • Provides immune enhancing nutrients.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • One of the most popular herbal combinations for mild respiratory issues.

Echinacea Liquid Herb Supplement (Alcohol Free) by Vitabase

  • Made with organically grown and wild harvested plants of the highest quality.
  • Manufactured to highest standards without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • One of the most popular herbs for mild respiratory illness.
  • Stimulates the immune system.

Echinacea/Goldenseal Liquid Supplement (Alcohol Free) by Vitabase

  • Manufactured to highest standards without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Provides immune enhancing nutrients.
  • Combines two popular herbal ingredients for maximum effectiveness.
  • Stimulates the immune system.

Elderberry Extract (425 mg) Antioxidant Immune System Support by Vitabase

  • Contain highly beneficial flavonoids (phytochemicals useful in whole body health).
  • Long history of use for health benefits.
  • Antioxidant properties help reduce oxidative stress.

Esiak Herb (450 mg) Supplement by Vitabase

  • Formulated according to a traditional Ojibwe Indian formula.
  • Uses 4:1 extracts for maximum potency.
  • Traditionally used for detoxification and strengthening of the immune system.