Vitabase Special 2 Multivitamin Green Superfoods Capsules


  • Provides green superfoods spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, alfalfa, and octacosanol.
  • Full range of vitamins and minerals.
  • Powerful antioxidants for general health, eyes, liver, and heart.
  • Digestive enzymes provide support for proper utilization of food.
  • Available as tablets or Vcaps®.
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Vitabase Special 2 has both a broad spectrum of mineral and vitamin supplements and the benefits of green superfoods. It provides all 12 essential vitamins plus PABA, inositol, and choline. Also included are rutin and citrus bioflavonoids. Minerals are included in order to help develop and maintain body fluids, muscles and bones. This formula also has the nutritional power of the green superfoods octacosanol, alfalfa juice, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina.


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