Bee Propolis (500 mg)

Bee Propolis Supplement (500 mg) by Vitabase


  • Full of powerful antioxidants.
  • Contains all vitamins except Vitamin K.
  • Loaded with flavonoids.
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Product Description

Bee Propolis is naturally formed by bees through the combining of resin from leaves, tree bark, pollen, nectar and wax. It provides support for the immune system and is packed with nutrients. It has every vitamin except vitamin K and it contains calcium, bioflavinoids, magnesium, zinc, and iron. In total, it contains 180 different compounds. The flavonoids in propolis are known to be potent antioxidants, providing antiviral activity and helping to fight off free radical damage.

Bee Propolis Concentrate (2:1) (Equivalent to 2000 mg raw Propolis) 1 g *


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