What is Healthy Skin Advanced Face Cream?

Healthy Skin Advanced Face Cream is a concentrated dose of pure Vitamins A, C, and E, and super antioxidants that help reduce the signs of premature aging, build skin elasticity, produce natural collagen, and improve firmness and radiance.

These revolutionary capsules allow you to get a single dose without exposing the rest of the cream to the damaging effects of air oxidation, like other products. The slightly heart-shaped, twist-open capsules are easy to use, and even easier to travel with – just throw a couple in your bag and you’re set. Plus, its delicate citrus scent will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

What does Healthy Skin Advanced Face Cream do?

This luxurious face cream contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and oils used to maintain healthy skin appearance, reduce wrinkles and prevent oxidative stress and UV damage. The high-quality ingredients in this cream will leave your skin soft, smooth, and radiant in as little as 4 days!

Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) is a fat soluble vitamin that strengthens the protective tissues of the skin as well as helps reduce the production of sebum (oil).*

AstaREAL L10 (Natural Astaxanthin Complex) is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant sourced from microalgae that can protect the skin from UV rays.*

Emersol 315 Linoleic Acid is a fatty acid needed to maintain the health of cell. A light colored product, Emersol 315 is designed for applications that need a high quality polyunsaturated fatty acid.*

Ascorbic Acid stimulates collagen production, provides sun protection and can stay in the skin for up to 72 hours.*

Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate) is often found in salves for its ability to assist with skin discolorations. Vitamin E can lessen the appearance of blood vessels and even out skin tone.*

Grapefruit Essential Oil Blend, taken orally, has been proven to help protect skin from damage that can be caused by UV rays.*

Avocado Oil is high in sterolins which are said to reduce age spots. This oil is an excellent moisturizer that can help soften skin.*

Biocell™ Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II is a natural ingredient composed of hyaluronic acid. It easily absorbed by the body and can help maintain healthy skin, joints, and connective tissues, and promote elasticity.*

Squalene Oil is sourced from shark liver oil and is a natural component of human sebum. It is an antioxidant and can moisturize the skin.*

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubidecarenone) is found in every cell of the body and is needed to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and energy boost. For the skin, CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that can help assist in skin cell health.*

Tocomin™ (tocotrienol, tocopherols) has been considered the ‘Vitamin E for the 21st century’ as it is 40 times more powerful than normal alpha-tocopherol, boosting the effectiveness of Tocotrienols. It can boost UV protection and assist with skin oxidation.*

Healthy Skin Advanced Face Cream was formulated by the renowned Dr. Sighi Drassinower, M.D. For the last ten years Dr. Drassinower, a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a Board Certified Physician under the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, has been dedicated to research in natural medicine. He is absolutely convinced that proactive preventive medicine and anti-aging medicine is the correct way to help people and to practice preventative medicine. You can find more information about Dr. Drassinower on the Health Advisory Board section of our website.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.`