Nattokinase 500 mg 60 Vegicaps

Nattokinase 500 mg 60 Vegicaps by Supplement Spot


Research indicates that Nattokinase may:*

  • Support normal circulation, blood flow, and blood viscosity.
  • Support your body’s normal blood clotting ability
  • Support natural production of plasmin, which reduces fibrin.
  • Support normal blood pressure levels

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Product Description

The Japanese secret to blood health.

What is Nattokinase?

Isolated, purified and encapsulated nattokinase, an enzyme derived from a process of fermentation of soybeans and bacillus natto.

When there is an injury to the body like a cut, the body produces proteins known as, fibrinogens, which act on the injured site to stop the bleeding. There are several proteins in our body that serve as fibrinogens but only one protein known as plasmin. Plasmin is a fibrinolytic enzyme that supports your body’s normal blood clotting ability.* As one ages, the body gradually produces less and less plasmin. Nattokinase can assist on two fronts. It directly assists the body with blood clots and assists the body in the production of plasmin, the one protein needed to counter blood clotting.*

History of Nattokinase

For over 1000 years the Japanese have been consuming natto — a fermented soy-based food that looks and tastes like soft cheese. Natto contains a unique enzyme called nattokinase, which was discovered by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi in 1980, and has since been the subject of 17 studies, including two human studies, in Japan. Based on this research nattokinase has been shown to be a promising new nutrient that supports a healthy circulatory system.The human circulation system is affected by a number of specialized enzymes. Nattokinase facilitates blood flow contributing to healthy circulation and supporting normal blood pressure.

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