Shea Body Butter 100 Percent Natural Lavender Scented

Shea Body Butter 100% Natural Lavender Scented by Mami Creations


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Product Description

100% Pure and Natural Shea Butter – Lavender Scented

Why Mami Creations Shea Butter?

Mami Creations is locally owned and all their products are made by hand.  This unrefined shea butter is 100% pure and organic.  It is fair traded, no animal tested and has zero preservatives.  You cannot get a purer shea butter!

Why use Shea Butter?

Mami Creations Shea Body Butter contains antioxidants and vitamins A, E and F.  It helps to protect, soften, nourish and regenerate dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.  Shea Body Butter can be used on all skins including face and feet.  It maintains elaticity, restores the skin’s natural P.H. and tone while it moisturizes.


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