St Johns Wort Supplement (300 mg) by Vitabase


  • Commonly used for mental well-being and a peaceful mood.
  • Standardized extract to ensure consistent high quality.
  • Completely organic.
  • Contains a full spectrum of components as they occur naturally in St. John’s Wort.
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St. John’s Wort is traditionally used for its ability to support healthy emotional balance and promote a feeling of well-being. St. John’s Wort by Vitabase is manufactured under strict European control standards and is extracted without harsh chemicals. It is standardized to contain 0.3% Hypericin. This formula offers a full spectrum of natural compounds as they occur in St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort may interact with some medications and it is important that you talk to your doctor before taking St. John’s Wort if you are also taking prescription medications.


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