Papaya Chewable 15 mg

Papaya Chewable (15 mg) Fruit Supplement by Vitabase


  • Digestive aid taken frequently by people with indigestion, heartburn and gas.
  • Contains the enzymes papain and amylase which help digest meat and starches.
  • Vegetarian formula.
  • Chewable tablets taste great.
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Product Description

Papaya (Carica papaya) has long been known to contain digestion-assisting compounds that are natural and safe. One of the most important elements in papaya is the enzyme called papain. Vitabase Papaya Chewable also includes the alpha amylase enzyme. While papain is known for its ability to help digest meat, amylase works to digest carbohydrates and starch like those in cereals, beans, rice and potatoes.

Papaya Enzymes (from papaya (Caria papaya)melon) 15 mg *
Alpha Amylase Enzyme 2 mg *
Protease Enzyme 2 mg *


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