Odorless Garlic (25 mg)

Odorless Garlic Supplement (25 mg) by Vitabase


  • Traditionally used for heart health and circulation
  • Contains concentrated extract from whole clove garlic.
  • Special 18 months aging process removes odor.
  • Contains high amounts of Scordinin.
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Product Description

The benefits of garlic are well-documented; it supports healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems. Vitabase Odorless Garlic is made from whole clove garlic and is extracted by a unique process and aged 18 months in order to eliminate odor. Vitabase Odorless Garlic is formulated to deliver high levels of scordinin, which is thought to be the reason for garlic’s beneficial qualities.

Odorless Garlic (Allium sativum) (Bulb) (Concentrated Extract from Whole Clove Garlic) 50 mg *


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