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Tired and Overweight? Your Thyroid May be to Blame

Many individuals who experience unexplained weight gain along with feelings of fatigue, hair loss, splitting nails and itchy skin may not realize that their thyroid may be to blame. When the thyroid gland does not function at optimal levels, it is labeled as a condition called hypothyroidism. Although hypothyroidism can cause sudden and excessive weight gain, proper nutrition and dietary supplements can help the thyroid function at optimal levels. This will send your energy .

Watching Your Waistline During the Holidays

Ham, cookies, pie, candy, fruitcake and turkey. It is no wonder that the Christmas season is the time of weight gain. A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that on average, Americans gain about one pound of excess body weight during the holiday season. Although this may not sound like much, this same study discovered that extra pound is generally not lost in the upcoming year. These pounds continue to .

Is Overeating the Real Cause of Weight gain?

Many individuals are of the belief that constant overeating is the cause of weight gain. Although excessive caloric intake can be to blame, spikes in insulin are one of the main causes of obesity. Foods high on the glycemic index are known to raise insulin levels and pack on excess pounds. Foods that are low on the glycemic cause a gradual increase in insulin, providing you with more sustained energy without retaining fat.   .