S. O. D. superoxide dismutase Cream 25,000 PIU per ounce 4 oz

S.O.D. (superoxide dismutase) Cream 25,000 PIU per ounce 4 oz by Supplement Spot


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Product Description

The ideal antioxidant for the skin

The most effective, powerful and proven substance for reducing facial wrinkles known to science. It is called superoxide dismutase or “S.O.D.”

What is S.O.D.?

S.O.D. is the most powerful enzyme produced by our body. Our skin has S.O.D. in both the dermis and the epidermis that regulates the metabolism and functions of the cells, especially the fibroblasts (skin building cells). S.O.D. is a powerful antioxidant that scavanges free radical oxygen (oxygen with a dangerous unpaired electron. These radicals cause oxidative damage that reduces the ability of the cell to reproduce itself, thereby responsible for what we commonly refer to as “aging”. S.O.D. detoxifies these cells, restoring their ability to reproduce and remain “young”.*

S.O.D. regulates collagen and elastic formation to keep skin thick, strong, smooth and supple.*

Scientists have studied S.O.D. in the laboratory for over a decade and have revealed its amazing restorative properties with topical application. Until 1998, S.O.D. was extremely expensive and could not be manufactured in quantity. Now, SupplementSpot is able to make this revolutionary human enzyme available at a reasonable price.


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