Mattherma Plus 4 oz

Mattherma Plus 4 oz by Supplement Spot


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Product Description

What is Mattherma Plus Skin Salve?

Supplement Spot’s original Mattherma is the creation of compounding pharmacist Greg Matthews. Greg owns Workers Choice Pharmacy in El Paso, Texas, and developed Mattherma for local physicians and nursing homes requiring a soothing, fast-acting salve.

What does Mattherma Plus Skin Salve do?

Mattherma Plus utilizes a proprietary blend of natural oils, including Tea Tree oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, to penetrate deep into the skin to help moisturize the skin and to support the body’s natural healing process. *

The natural oils in Mattherma Plus appear to help skin that has poor circulation. These oils help by directly providing some needed nutrients topically. The result is that the skin can literally heal over night. Apply at least once daily at bedtime and you will see the difference when you wake up.*

Don’t miss out on this wonderful salve. Order Mattherma Plus today!

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